Full Stack Developer

Full Stack (Django & VueJS) for an american startup specialized in the fashion industry

Python Django JavaScript vuejs html css SQL PostgreSQL

Condiciones profesionales

Lo primero de todo, comenzamos con las condiciones de trabajo que te ofrece la empresa. Así, si no te cuadra en lo más básico, no pierdes más tiempo en seguir leyendo.

  • Place to work in the Avenida de América (Madrid) area.
  • Permanent contract.
  • 36-46K salary (Negotiable). 
  • Working hours are flexible and you can work remotely when needed.
  • A challenging and fun project to work and grow with, with the latest technologies and best practices. All in a friendly, relaxed and positive environment.
  • Fixed yearly training budget to spend on english classes, courses, books or conferences.
  • Your brand new laptop with OS of your choice (They recommend MacOSX or any flavor of Linux).

Si las condiciones profesionales, te han parecido atractivas y están en la línea de tus motivaciones profesionales, ¡sigue leyendo!.

Producto o servicio

They are a startup founded 5 years ago with offices in New York and Madrid.

Their product is strategic analytics SaaS platform that helps fashion retailers and brands with critical in-and-next season decisions.


Madrid is the home for their core technical team of around 20 people.

It's an open, diverse and inclusive team of very skilled and talented individuals that are happy to collaborate, share knowledge and enjoy building great software together.  

Their leitmotiv is "We love data".

They are looking forward to welcoming additional members for this team and I’m helping them to achieve the goal! 

Funciones y responsabilidades

Tu día a día como profesional:

They do all this using, mainly, JavaScript with Vue.js and Python with Django, but we also manage lots of technologies to support their servers and APIs. And they do all that side by side with a UX/UI designer that provides them with a powerful reusable component library.

As a full stack developer in the Product Engineering team, you will be responsible for:

  • Developing and building the web applications that the Data Engineering, Data Science and Customer Success teams use internally to power all their platforms using Javascript, Vue.js, HTML5 and CSS following the UX guidelines of their designer.
  • Developing charts that visualize data from their database using d3.js and other graphics frameworks.

Competencias profesionales

Se le llaman Soft Skills o Hard Skills. No vamos a entrar en terminología. Lo importante es que sepas qué habilidades y experiencia se espera de ti.

Competencias necesarias para el puesto:

In order to build their suite of applications, you will need to bring your skills and knowledge around these technologies:

  • JavaScript and Python, the two pillars of everything they do in the Product Engineering team.
  • VueJS, as it is theis JS framework of choice, but you may also be proficient in another modern JS framework like React. They will help you get up to speed with VueJS.
  • Django, the framework they use for all server-side code. Sometimes they throw in also Django Rest Framework to develop their APIs.
  • HTML5 and CSS. They do care about using the right CSS rules and markup and structuring them the right way.
  • SQL and some database administration knowledge, mainly for PostgreSQL. They build some awesome queries and they care about them being fast and well formed. They have even built their own database ORM backend for Django.
  • Git, as it is the version control system them whole company uses and it’s deeply integrated in their development process.
  • English: half of the company doesn't speak Spanish and your job involves some written and spoken communication with people in other countries and timezones (and with different cultures by the way).
Competencias deseadas para el puesto:

You will learn on the job many of the other tech pieces they use. Of course it will be easier if you are already familiar with any of them: 

  • Webpack.
  • Command line interface, Linux administration.
  • CSS preprocessors (Stylus).
  • Asynchronous Python: Django Q and RabbitMQ with Celery.
  • MongoDB.